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Jungle Dogs

Adopt Pups From Peru

From wildlife conservation program Hoja Nueva

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Why Peru Jungle Dog Rescue?
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Why Adopt a Jungle Dog?

From the rescuers of Hoja Nueva:

"Morally I say why adopt from anywhere abroad when there are local dogs in need! But to best explain:

Most remote/developing areas of the world have millions of dogs walking the streets (or dirt roads) due to there being 1) zero spay /neuter efforts and 2) no rescue centers and a lack of education in general about the issues surrounding this.

There are no rescue centers in Puerto Maldonado or the region of Madre de Dios. We started rescuing dogs and implementing spay/neuter programs even though our focus is primarily wildlife conservation. This is because we saw firsthand how many dogs are struggling and often live short, very painful lives (most starve to death or die of an infection slowly). So this is our way of providing the now 100+ pups that have come through with the best chance at a loving home."

Meet Our Pups

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How to Adopt

Dogs flying the the US (Seattle and Portland areas)

Dogs new owners fly to Puerto Malonado to pick them up and bring them back. Costs vary depending on how a dog is brought back and if it is given status as an emotional support animal or flown as checked baggage, and the size of the dog.

How to Adopt
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